Trully Tue

yup,at sunday i went to Belda's Birthday bashhhh and that was obviously awesome party :"") trs kmrn gk kmn2 dirumah aja,abis itu hr ini i dont have anyplans jadi liat nanti aja. terus seharian td gue using photo booth gt cuman buat foto2 mengaca diri.............+___+

i think i'm getting bored now,i currently watching transformers 2,alone with a cup of noodles,and strawberry juice. i missing him now. so today i hope he come to my house and we play together. ~~ trs lg mau kedufan smg aja mama ngebolehin yups and guess what?bsk mama bilang mau ngajak kesekolah beli buku macem2 dan 1 lagi...........daftar les. i don't wanna be like busy kid but i must. did u wanna see belda's birthday bash photos?check out my Facebook hurrry!!!