A Goodbye(s)

Won't update this "Sugar" Until...Some When. Good BYE ! and Catch Me on Twitter immediately! See u guys



me in the middle,
Dress by ZARA
Some random bangles
flatshoes by CROCS
mini bag by RUSTY
Big Flower onthehead by Lovely Sugars
belda and cindy has just being pretty girl there!! they are being Pretty Woman :")


copyright © 2008 Nadica :)


tomorow is first day of school in fasting month

yups,it's kinda13.24pm and i just woke up at 11.38am. today is sunday,and unfortunealy tomorow is monday. ya i hate monday,the uniform,the subjects,and i have to fasting when im studying at school (only for august this year) hahaha okay. so nothing to do today im just tweet-ing on web,replying the replies,and watching dvd. i'm bbm-ing now with @ghanta22 ahaha,okay on friday to days ago,Jessica was sleepover at my house we did a lot of things like sharing and of course surfing the internet. yups we usually take a photo when we "want" or when we "need". around 2-3pm we still awake and tag-in our photo(s) ya thats insane because it's already too night and we can't go to bed early. yaaa finally after we had saur at 4am in the morning we go to bed and sleep until around 11pm hahaha :):) okay catch you guys later!

DIVERSITY! just bring it!


i'm tweet-ing like almost every hours ahaha,its fun and you'd better love this site @Nawdiacp