The Secret Life of the American Teenager

okay,it's almost 3 hours for watched tht moviee,the story is 'bout Ricky,Amy,Ben,Jack,Grace,Andrina and others.well i think the movie is looklike 90210 and also Gossip Girl,and i'm getting like this movie. so you'd better watch it too!

so the story is about amy,she was had 'smthng' with ricky at the band camp so something happen to her,she is pregnant and she keep secret about her pregnancy. so she date another high school boy named Ben and ben who did not know anything about amy. and then ricky,he didn't know too abou amy's pregnancy. until amy's stomach is getting huge wkwk so watch the movie!!
ini seru loh kadang lucu soalnya ada scene gt waktu si Ben belajar nyium amy,tp dia malah nyium boneka teddy bear yg gede banget gt sampe dihayati banget terus tau2nya dia lg diliatin sm 2 temennya.....(kegap gt) huehehe,okay i'd better go to bed now. bye ppl! hv a nice dream and nc sleep~