tuhkan bener td pagi gue ketiduran lg huu,tadinya yg gue mau plan jalan2 biar hari ini gak bosen jd gak jadi kan............gara2 gue bangun jam 2 tai(-_-)huu jd gue nunggu film sky high aja ah di rcti,ehm okay i wanna post some photos about yesterday,i taked those photos with my♥ Canon!

segitu aja yuppp huwhuw soalnya akoe udh upload semua difb fufufu-_- trs today i'm not really bored(sukurdeh) but i'm really wanna go out and.......well,idk. i just update my status on twitter a moments ago,and don't forget to follow my twitter ya people! trs oh ya my esia still broken,and i'm really shocked up now because i don't have any pulsa i'm3 deh monyet.....i'm currently having lunch now......not lunch hampir dinner,i'm eatin' fried rice bikinan mama yummy trs oh ya my mommy went to bandung until tuesday,so i think i'll be spend 2 days at home,watching dvd,playing sims3.....and lain lainnya. okay i wanna eat dulu ya people! buh bye......

*sorry for english indonesianya nyampur.....-_-