Aloha, E Komo Mai!

(title,ost lilo 'n stitch!)-_-
good morning everyone!,hr ini gue bgn jam 05.05 loh keren kan kayak bokap lo........+.+ today i'm asking my mommy when she'll be home,because i need her! mau tau ga knp? (gak) trs hr ini tadinya mau hunting baju gt cuman mendingan benerin hape esia gue yang rusuck tuch trs beli bat. canon soalnya bat.nya udh ngalay kaya muka lowwww uops canda kale. i just update my status on twitter like always,i currently eating toasted bread sm minum a cup of orange juice. oh ya...........tau gak gue lg fall in love sm something interesting....not interested me much but it'll be my one of a hundred fav. things wikikik
iPod Cases! (well,i have the old iPod 30gb-,-)

cool right?well i think it's very awwwwwwwesome. okay bey,i'm listening to MJ now :c
so,are you listening to MJ too now? hhhhh-,- why someone is getting famous when they already drift into a dead..................ya someone is getting important when we lose them