weird title,but hello people it's friggin 3 o'clock in the morning like always i'm still awake,well today went to pim with mommy and adin. meanwhile i really missed my mom 'cause it's already 4 days i can't meet her. she works as a acounting manager at somewhere lah and she had to go to bandung with her partner office for 4days~~fiu hr ini juga ucup sm adhit kerumah cuman buat masang senar guitar but i takes much time to put in the string then my mommy's home and i said 'HELLO MOMMY!!!' gosh i missed her so much so i invited her and adin to go to pim well the all shopping mall is have those SALE SEASON and i'm getting passsionated people! well,who doesn't like the 70% off things?nobody! so i got 1 trousers by zara,1 blue wash skirt by zara,and 1 small zara bag♥ yup i'm fallin' in love with great sale now~~~ so i'll post that thing soon ya baby 'cause i'm sleepy now!