people! i'm just updating my status on twitter a moments ago,so today went to pim at 5o'clock ya it's to late 'cause i woke up very very very lately. wkay,just telling you. so i arrived at pim,i'm with medina and first i go to J.Co perhaps i'm so so fall in love with J.Cool with 3 topings oreo,longan,and mochi...yummyyummy. after that i'm left from medina 'cause i'm want to meet the other friend(s) at citos. trs,gue kecitos naik taxi sendirian dan cuman ngabisin 19rb ow ow ow. abis itu nyamperin laras,jessica,hilda,ramadhan,shelly & utha and i'm bust them at there(sisha cafe) trs di sisha cafe 1jam-an lebih gt lgs gue pengen mkn jd ya gue ke atas,trs ya saking gue gak bawa duit banyak,gue mikir2 dulu mau mkn apa gue cuman mau ngeluarin 30rb fufufu-.--- first i preffered craving dinner at Burger King trsgue udh ngantri ternyata gue mikir2 kalo makan itu gak bakal kenyang..jd gue keluar(gapenting-,-) trs finnaly i'm craving dinner at chopstix.meanwhile,me with utha only,the other(s) pd ke timezone.....gue mls ketimezone karna gue males keringetan+__+ okay abis mkn selese jam 10an gue lgs blk sama ramadhan first dropping icca&hilda dirumah icca,trs terakhir gue. okay i'm arrived at home at 11o'clock,playing the sims3 (like always,talk about thesims3 later ya babyyy:--)) and now i'm currently eating yogurt(udah 3 kali loh) and surfing the internet,yup like i always spend a lot of time only for surfing the internet but i love it somuchhy. hmm tommorow,i'd have anyplans. but i'm decided to play at my friend's home,or belanja sm nykp deh+__+ hu bosen ya bosen ga ngantuk2 enaknya post apa ya.....fufu-,- yaudah continue later ya bloggie! love yaa♥

*i'm sorry for my very bad english or wrong spell.buhbye