the sims

okay sunday must be boring day but now saturday is the other boring day (just for now). today i decided to go with my mom to? well i dont really know. tommorow is alseace school party,so today i think i'll go to jakarta with my mom :3 and now? i was youtube-ing all day long and i found the 'the sims 3 official trailer' whoo hoo it's cool and it's already coming in this year like last month hihi. and i will share you something about the sims 3 and some video from youtube about the sims
did you know how to play the sims? from the sims 1 you can learn how to make it life mihihi :3 now i will show you the newest the sims game,yeaa it's the sims 3

the sims3 official trailer.
don't have to wait long time. the sims 3 cd is still in the PC game store!! how cool is it? just play,i swear it's very cool and addicting. and check out the other the sims original video

haha it's mariah carey - we belong together it's cool,isn't it?

Katty Perry - I Kissed A Girl
and you can also look the sims3 official website,you can check out more features and cool stuff from the website ya. later i will catch you about the sims ya,byeee! thank you for visit my blog!