hello bloggie,this is January 2nd of 2009.
today,i'll do nothing. so guess what,last night is the first time my eyes open up just for welcoming the year 2009. at 2.00 am me aby and also him went out together.and also we planning for new year eve party hihi.and done! we'll go to bimo's house and there will be a welcoming new year party also with my buddies at there. so he was pick me up at my house and we go to bimo's house.........krik krik hihi. and then when i arrived,i feel enough silly because is to much people i really don't know hihi,but it's okay.
so,ya jadi setelah gue mulai gak enak akhirnya gue masuk aja terus ngobrol bareng yang lain ihihi,tepatnya sih ya gue duduk di halaman belakang rumah bimo ada yang mainin petasan dan banyak lainnya deh dan gak sempet foto deh..........(!) hihi.okay waktu udah new year pas jam 12 hampir semua rumah di sekitar situ nyalain petasan hihih,i'm so excited there a beautiful fireworks out there.nyenyenye,after that i already sleepy.and people at there is go home one by one,so i only watching tv and bla bla.... hihi when bimo's parents is going home,i already planning a half hours before do not come home lately,but ya finnaly ysf take me home with vespa at 01.43am January 1st 2009,oh so love i love himmmmmmmmmmmm forevermore (him?taukan siapa ihi)