hello bloggieeeeeee,
today,i wake up at 13.04 pm oh gosh because i always sleep lately,yeah that's my bad habbit!. so i was decided to have interview test at ef today uouo.and thank god i have a good score ya. so i started the new class,new people,new teacher at tuesday jan 13th.oh i'll miss my ef old class hihi xxx
so last tuesday,i was bored at night.and..(pake bhs. indo aja) jadi gue sama ade gue bingung mau ngapain,ya akhirnya gue bikin tie dye,dan untungnya gue masih nyisa sisa cat nya ihi,so i already made 2 tie dyes and ini jadinya............

okay,maybe you dont like it hihi.but making tie dye is fun loooh youknow!-_- oke lah jadi abis gue bikin tie dye,besoknya tuh kan hari rabu.so,me and laras decided to go to bread and breakfast hihi jadi gue berangkat sama ucup,sebelomnya gue ketemu thatam dulu soalnya dia nelpon gue ehe.nah di bread and breakfast gue cuman wi-fi aja sambil ngobrol2 lah ihi.abis dari bread and breakfast gue mesti ef because i had a final tesst,and thank god i can finished all of them and my score is 82% compeletely hihi.