okay,jd kmrn gue jadi ke teras kota. first when i arrived there,langsung ke blitz,and finnally gadapet jam nonton yg jam 3! dapetnya malah Transformers 2 uhhh i already have a dvd of that movie,and i already watched 3 times on cinemas.after that,we(ysf and me) having kind of dinner at 6pm in Black Canyon Cafe,i ate banana split and fride rice satay uhmm yummy,ysf is only ate a mushroom soup,poor ysf haha :8 fyi,i'm hungry nowww. today is saturday,i currently wtchng st.trinian's now and,too bad i haven't got anyplans fr today liat nanti siang aja mau kmn ih,yg pasti mau nntn hannah montana nih!!! jam 7 mlm hilda's brthdy bash,sblmnya kerumah icca dulu jm 4an gt dehhh. well,my fever better now :9 so i might be hanging out 2dayyyy. catch u later ya bloggie muah