This Day Wishes & Online Shopping(1)

heythere. well,i just booked one necklaces from Queenly Shop . ya i hope they'll come fastly 'cause i already pay it it much 50.000 idr bonus one wood bracelet wihihi :9 . soooo,now i'm still searching for second hand or handmades items,but i'm getting headache now dk why huhhh. 2morrow goin' to school and first subject i dont want to is Physics huhh,i'm getting sick of that!
continue,another topic.
so,about my bicycle,i forgot that i left my bycicle at Natasya's house hahaha because we were very enjoyed bicycling at that moment. BIG SORRY Natss. o_0 yup can't wait until my first TryOut at school and u know?i really can't wait for National Exams,i wanna go Shighschool! being a young adult,so i'll spend last time in JHS with a many good,loves,and hapinness moment. wish could be happen,and i want want want,so much hope.....i wanna make my lovely mommy proud of me,and i wanna pass examination with good score,and high name and go into International/National High School. (BIG WISHESSSS) Bye bloggie,see u tommorow with another fashion experience,and another Life Taste hahaha :9