hello fellas! t'day i'm not goin' anywhere,because 2morrow i will go to school. okay yesterday ysf went to my house. we watched 17again also ate pizza :9 after that he drop me at aya's house. there's rara too at aya's house. so we(me&aya) decided to go to bella's house with bicycle and rara decided to go home. well,when we arrived at bella's house....her mom told us that she was sick! she has cough ohh so bad. but we & also bella watched Sisterhood of the traveling pants......but i was sleep during the movie wehehe. after the movie is end,aya wanted to eating fried rice at tj. then i come with her and we left bella's house.....(byebye gws bella!) i'm hungry at that moment so i ate a lot of friedrice hoamm. then i decided to go home early,because my mom is already screaming..... haha kay byebye catch u later 'cause i'm having brunch now! oh ya well i was having online shopping a moments ago :D:D i bought a pair of shoes from Garage Store only 155.000,- heuehehe