skip school

it's friday now,and like you guess i'm skip the school. so i'm surfing the internet now yea kind of bored. i wanna eat sushi or pizza 'cause i'm hungwwwy. last night i was can't sleep and it's been my first week. recently,i kept listen to sad song,i don't know how can make you know how it hurts....kaay today i decided to skip school and stay in house,maybe tonight i'll go to somewhere lah. hmm yesterday i've been watch 'Terminator' and obviously i hate that movieeeeeee

hiiiiiii,worried about it ya.so,remmember Isla Fisher?in a confessions of shopaholic the movie? well,i've been google her,and she's pregnant......(yapantes gendut) i'll post her photo! HUWAKAKAKALOL! EWW................and look at this she is with her born babyyy(her daughter is cute)
ya well well...pretty well she's pretty now,and she's skinnier than before......(ya iyalah namanya juga hamil) wiwiwi i'm listening to iTunes now,Ihcod Agedas - I Made You A Sad Song

"back to the time when i want you around
and i'm making you a sad song
just to let you know how it hurts."

since the first i held him,and i now those liquers won't heal yuppp. i wish you were here,and this conclusion i promise to explain it to you,i just want you to know how it hurts. there's so much friend that love me much,i'm feelin' this fullness is empty. i don't know if i can't thru this. meanwhile, i already said that i don't wanna ever forgotten.