Kinda Bored All Days

hari ini,sebenernya dari kemaren sih. gue not going any where....... so today i'm going to ef tonight and ofcourse harus attend because gue gak masuk 2kali dari minggu kemaren(soalnya pergi kemana gatau lupa.....)sama selasa kemaren (8.4 farewell party!ppl!) and obviously,i'm kinda bored ohmygod i'm not doing anything exept watched movie,eat,and last sleep all day long biatch. so skg lg wanted to eat sushi,first me and my mommy wanted to go to pim but my mommy is kinda tired,and she told me that tommorow she promise me craving lunch at sushi tei(my favourite course) and i need to repair my esia because itu i banting2 gara2 kesel ya i'll show you the photo of my esia later deh(kesannya sedih gt esia gue rusaksaksaksuck) well,lg males post nih buhbye love ya catch you later!