for Transformers!

went to smrcn watched Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen it needed 'perjuangan' -_- well,i arrived at smrcn at 3.30pm then i go check to XXI looking for Transformers 2 movie,there was 3 studio only for transformers. i was upset after looking 'transformers main jam brp aja ya hmm' so there 15.15(full),16.00(full),17.45(full) and won't you know something terrible? i've got 2 tickets of Transformers at 20.30pm sedangkan wkt itu masih jam 4 sinting i was upset then i preffered to go to J.Co bought some J.Cool with 3 topings,longan mochi and peach. geez,yummy abis deh.....+__+ so,gue di j.co sekitar 3jam-an. and you know alaynya gue sampe tidur setengah jam gt ohmylord,then after waited 3hours enough! i'm having dinner at Teppanyaki fufu-.--- ngidam gt sm teppanyaki apalagi spicy chicken-nya oh geezzzzz. trs2 abis makan pas banget udah jam 20.30 jd lgs ke XXI. trs full of people abis gila!!!!!! trs gue dapet di ke-2 dari depan jg nanggung abis kan ye hmhm. gue meratiin tu film abis,jd mls ceritanya. aaa transformers i give you 4thumbs up deh fufufu-.--- i wanna watch it again again and again. bye(oh ya gue lg asiknya main the sims3 loh!later i'll post about my new sim ya:D:D)