after a week

wawwww guys,hello. it's still me. For a week I'm study hard(not hardly like you guess) for the examination,and tommorow will be the last day with social. I'm bloggin' with mobilepost now,cause' my mommy told me that I must get a painfull highscore...that was hurt because I'm still a humanbeen(org biasa,I'm sorry for the wrong spell hh-_- worried about it) soo,seminggu ini kerjaannya cuman belajar sm nontonin dvd,blkgan ini gue lg sk ntn-in film lama gt after I went to movie shop in senayan. Yep,now I'm currently watch fast&furious4 ya kinda bored and OF COURSE I'm readin economy now. Oh ya about physics exam I guess I got a bad score,ya cause' I can't google it!!!! Okay deh,catch you later! xxxxoxo