guyssss,last night me,hilda & icca were sleepover at icca's house.(photos soon baby)
after we went to mcd we decided to came home,but first i think it's already tonight and hilda's mom says that hilda prefer to had sleepover only one night to go home. well,me?ya it's a long story.
so,besok sekolah yee dan gue besok praktek tataboga cuman belom beli kejuuuu wuwuwu :p besok ga ada pr sm ulg paling cuman pembahasan ulg kelas 8,and.........abis itu ehb deh semoga bisa...........danliburan 3minggu well,i'm waiting for the holiday babyyyyy,did you? meanwhile,my mommy told me that we(my family) were goin' to bali for a week,but ya it's only a plan..........i dont know later. skg masih jam 9 and i'm currently watching Angels & Demons on dvd (again,again,and again) well,the movie is not so cool,i mean the novel is better than the movie(ya well i dont ever read the books,but all people says that :9) but i likes the act of each performences that's very cooool. okay that's all the movie review,my weekend story,and my school job -__- byee