Hello guys! Today is 5-5-9,tuesday.
Hari ini gue gak kemana-mana soalnya kemaren gue ke thatam birthday party! That was amazing,the party was so cool. After the party I moved out with all pals to go to cilandak townsquare. But,wheb we arrived we thinked we better go to other place. Yes,ohlala. We go there.it's only 45minutes we hanging at ohlala then after that we go back to home. And I am?come home Very Lately ya.hemm but I just wanna say to Shelly, that your party was so cool :p.
well,about today I did not go anywhere because I had stomacache huhh. And I pass EF today. The day after tommorow I'll back go to school humhh,I dob't really wanna go back to school,except I miss my Huitality and all of my classmates! So I wanna go to bed and sleep now. Byeee xxxoxx