it's school,is cool

halo,gue lagi uts nih selama 3 hari...........asik kan cuman 3 hari -_-
jadi,today is wednesday this day i've started the midtest. not easy not truly hard so....i've passing the exam and i'm glad to do that. so 2 days left to pass the exam and wish me luck ya! btw guys,i needed something that can might be interest me much ehmmm ya i've found that yesterday.....it's a PC video game.....sebenernya emang gapenting. so,my mom was told me that i must have a high score for this test so i will rarely to get online(but cuman sampe jumat) ya so selagi gak main internet gue jg masih bisa main.i've 5 new PC video game,one of that is the sims 2 teenagers stuff. okay now i'm getting boring soalnya it's all about the test,geez.....-_- and you know what,guess that UNIVERSAL 2009 is coming at march 20th 2009 like one week left and be there compete your self and dying your self at march 29th 2009 (closing,school party!)