emmm,i'm just typing...... i don't really know what i want to post know. okay know i will only post my day-to-day start from febuary 2nd.
on Monday:
That was a rainy day.so i go to school lately. my shoes is wet just because the water during the rainy days. my skirt is dirty...wackkkk. but that was a better day yesterday. after school i go to "Times Book Store" and i bought some import magazine, like the real runway magazine & The world fashion adventure wiwiwiw there so cool..............i read all of them last night until i dying in the bed ckck.

on Tuesday:
This day does not really better then yesterday. i was ask my mom to buy me a new Mac Book Pro just for me. and then my mom says that she will buy me a new Macbook but i must sell my iMac. oh i won't,because i really like iMac Widescreen verrrrrr. but if i didn't sell it,i will didn't ever meet the Macbook-Pro.............well i'll thinking that first,bye.... and now i will eating my brownies and go to bed.