♪ jason mraz,john mayer & rihanna!

so,at school my all teachers say that we(angkatan 15 albsd) will go recreation(wisil)ke?gatau -_- at november 20th.its 2 weeks more.i want to try ittttttttttt because my senior said that "wisil mantep abis" "aah mau lagi wisil!" dan yang lainnya. so............ i wanna know were we will going and the schedule,i mean where did we sleep or visit. nginep emang cuman tanggal 20-21 sihhhhhhhhh ya okay bye,i'm sleepy i'm tired i'm dissapointed by petite! HAHA and dont forget to visited my Friendster and Facebook ya! okay so bye have a nice day tommorow,it will be better than know. fasterr i wanna go recreation faster hihihi i mean it will be fun maybe,i hope so!