so yesterday,i'm lazy to post something again. but i'll tell you about yesterday. so.........
i went to shelly's house first and then i go to haircare/saloon after that. when i arrived at the saloon,i must Queue and wait until 1 hour oh gosssh. first i thing i go to another saloon but it's just wasting time and then i decided to get breakfast first. i eat a toasted bread and orange juice.
and after i had breakfast i go to the saloon again and creambath-ing my hairrrrrrr hihi. also shelly laras and aya had their creambath too. is like 1 hour to creambath-ing. after that we go to shelly's house again and we prepare to go to pim.
.............and we arrived a pim,me and the others (rara,utha,dinda,devi,laras,shelly,medina,cindy) had lunch at Sushi Groove. we eating to much huhhhh,that's why we all so full hemmm. and after that we go to tocod launching album party..............until 22.00 and then yeps we go home lately.